martes, 19 de mayo de 2009

How do you go to school?

I go to school on foot
I go to school by car
I go to school by bus
I gob to school by train
I go to school by balloon

I don't go to school by taxi
I don't go to school by plane
I don't go to school by bike
I don't go to school by helicopter

martes, 5 de mayo de 2009


11 eleven
12 twelve
13 trirteen
14 fourteen
15 fifteen
16 sixteen
17 seventeen
18 eighteen
19 nineteen
20 twenty


My school

In my school

There is one dinig room

There are eighteen classrooms

There is one Library

There is one Music room

There is one computer room

There are two playgrounds

martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

martes, 3 de marzo de 2009

my favourite food

I like pizza
I like chicken
I like bananas

I don't like onion
I don't like olives
I don't like garlic

martes, 17 de febrero de 2009

What are you wearing?

I an wearing a black jumper,a pink vest ,yellow trousers,yellow socks and white trainers.

I have got long, curly, brown hair.